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About Us

HI I’M STACEY.  I  work from the comfort of my home in an industry that I’m truly passionate about: Personal Development.

My wife Nicola and I are adventurous Kiwi’s in our mid-40s and live in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Together we parent three young men aged 23, 16 & 14 named Te Ariki, Hikaia, and Apirana. They have provided us with 2 grandchildren so far whom we dearly adore.

I am an ex-secondary school teacher who has taught in Biology, Te Reo Māori, Health and Physical Education over the past 10 years.  I have also been the director of my own Rental Investment Property Company which has provided us the opportunity to live on a 5 acre lifestyle block on the fertile floodplains of the Manawatu River.  I love having adventures and experiences with my family but the traditional 50+ hour/week jobs gave my wife and I very little flexibility to do the things we truly valued in life.

It was time for a change.


Time & cash poor!  I have experienced a reasonable amount of success in most things I have committed to.  However, none of the vehicles I had chosen provided what I truly desired in life.  This income streams I had created were not as reliable as I thought.


Twice in ten years I had to change directions unwillingly. Income streams that I thought were reliable ended abruptly.  I was made redundant in my role as a tenancy manager so retrained to become a Secondary School Teacher in Biology.  Over the ensuing 9 years I made my way to the top of the teaching scale.  The role was time demanding and I was nearing burnout by the end of every term.  I decided to walk away from teaching and began searching online for options on how to earn money whilst being based at home.


I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad ” as well as “The Business School ”, and another called “Real Estate Riches” written by Dolf De Roos, which all planted seeds in my mind that the traditional 50+ hour/week and exchanging time for money was not the only way to earn money. My property investment company was conceived from action I took from the knowledge I gained in these books.  In my search for an online business I have gone hunting for something that resonated with the principles I learnt from these books and found myself responding to an ad on a website similar to this one.


The business that I fortunately was led to that day, is a business that offers smarter ways of earning money through its attractive compensation plan, as well as award winning Personal Development products.  This business allows me to work from the comfort of our home using just the internet, my laptop, and my phone.  It also allows me to set the times I choose to work, allowing me to do more of the things I value in life, whilst offering me a compensation plan to earn high levels of income that far exceed the maximum a teacher in NZ earns.


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